2012 - Live Scenic Design

The images below are photoshots of different angles of a room. The room was  a live scenic design that was created  by myself with the collaboration of the visual artist Danio Migliore. The stage environment we attempted to create was an ancient temple of own imagination. We modelled the environment by hand, including the scenes, shadows, colors, blue hues, etc.

This setting was used to make a short film called "Mystic Almond: The Initiation." The film, a cartoon style effect video, was set during medieval times where two knights discover an ancient temple. The subject was inspired by a Danio Migliore painting.

Script, scenic design and costumes were made by me and Danio Migliore. Directed by Erik Cannamela, from New York Film Academy. Assistant director: Carla Josefa Alagna. Location at Uliveta, in Marsala, Italy. Post production effect and soundtrack by Danio Migliore.

In 2013, it was reviewed in Rome at the international festival "Identity Film Festival." You can see it on the website: http://www.festivaldelleidentita.it/iff-20013-vote-your-favorite-movie/mystic-almond-liniziazione/.

As result of the success achieved in the on-line voting, it was ranked for the final.

Click Arrow for the video.