2008 -  Monument to Thousands (Competition)

My 3D Renderings of projects I helped design in coordination with Architects Maurizio Giammarinaro, Piero Laudicina, Vincenzo De Vita and with the Painter/Graphic Designer M. Rallo, Marsala (Italy). This projects relate to a city beautification bid for a national monument and its surroundings.


2008 - Medical Center

3D Renderings relating to a medical center built in the province of Trapani, Italy, designed by Architects M. Giammarinaro and P. Laudicina, Marsala, Italy.


2005 - Home

3D Rendering Experiment relating to a residential home and its surroundings, in collaboration with Giancarlo Castiglione.


2005 - Backdrop for Catalog

3D Landscape Rendering with contrasting shades and variations of blue colors, used as backdrop for a catalog relating to disinfectants and detergents.


2004 - Café

3D Renderings of a building project relating to a Café in Trapani province, along with subsequent future potential additions to the building (glass).