2011 - Children's Hospital

3D Rendering of a children’s hospital in the province of Trapani, Italy.  It includes renderings of paintings designed for the children by University associates.


2010 - Building

3D Rendering of a building designed by architectural firm of Architect Rinaldo, Marsala, Italy.


2010 - Wine Environments

3D Renderings relating to a wine environment opening  to the public: reception hall, tasting room, wine sales room.


2009 - Industrial warehouse

My 3D renderings commissioned by Architects Vincenzo De Vita and Alessandra Zichittella, from Marsala, Italy, relating to an industrial warehouse for a coffee roasting company.


2009 - Redevelopment Competition

3D Reconstruction & Rendering based on projects designed by  Architect Rinaldo with regard to a competition for a redevelopment project for an area in the province of Trapani, Italy.