2013 - Bathroom

Rendering of a contemporary bathroom. I designed and modeled all 3D objects in the scene.

I tried to simulate the diffusion of the sunlight in a space long and narrow, with a large semicircular window that contains colored glasses (consisting of triangular tiles with primary colors).

Furniture includes the sink with support and a mirror, shower, plumbing, cabinets and bath. I added various objects in order to make the scene more realistic and I inserted two lamps and two series of spotlights over the bathtub. With regard to the latter, the first series produces white light. The second series produces blue light for the purpose of making the batub seem more relaxing in evening hours. In regard to the batub image, I rendered water with a motion effect (procedurally created).

In the experiments below, lamps and spotlights are intentionally turned off as I was interested only in displaying the sunlight coming directly from the semicircular window area.