2014 - Houses

3D Rendering of some houses, designed by Architect Francesco Bruno Rinaldo from Marsala.


2014 - Industrial Photovoltaic

Industrial Photovoltaic System designed and rendered for energy saving company 3Cel. This photovoltaic system serves a big company, producer of fruit juices.


2014 - Photovoltaic Canopy

3D Canopy with photovoltaic system, modeled and rendered by me. The canopy is rendered over real photo images. Before rendering the photos were cleaned, enhanced, retouched by me with editing software.


2013 - 3D Cover

Brochure and Catalogue cover designed and rendered in 3D for large manufacturing company of aluminium doors and windows. I also designed Brochure and Catalogue, see section 2D or click here: 2013 - Aluminium Windows Brochure.


2013 - Kitchen

Rendering of a contemporary kitchen I designed. I modeled all 3D objects in the scene.


2013 - Bathroom

Rendering of a contemporary bathroom. I designed and modeled all 3D objects in the scene.