2015 - Karate Challenge

Playbill I designed for Martial Arts Society of Marsala (Karate Shotokan), for the challenge of march 1, 2015.


2014 - Tutto il Mondo รจ Paese

Playbill I designed for an event organized by Marhaba Onlus, an association who helps poor families. I've taken the picture on the playbill too.


2013 - Aluminium Windows Brochure

Folded brochure with facade of 210x210mm, designed and built for major manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows. After that, I've designed full A4 catalog, in the same style. The cover picture is a 3D image rendered by me (see 3D section: 2013 - 3D Cover).


2012 - Poster

A poster made for a friend in honor of an old Dungeons & Dragons adventure.


2007 - Memorial Day

I designed this playbill, with the collaboration of the artist Vito Trapani, for the town of Marsala, to advertise upcoming entertainment events & programs occurring at the Impero Theatre facilities. This playbill was dedicated in honor of Jewish war crime victims of the German concentration camps and holocaust survivors.